Logan 2017
Length:2h 17min.
Country:Canada, Australia, USA
Genres:Cinema movies, Drama, Action
IMDB:8,1 (436 740)
Director:James Mangold
Actors:Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen
  • Logan 2017
  • Logan 2017
  • Logan 2017
The ferocious wolverine, the hero and a undoubted leader on the mutants now got old. His wounds do not heal so swiftly and his rage’s got lower. He looks after adherent Charles, who has partly lost control over his powers. But the appearance of a little mutant-girl with phenomenally similar abilities that Logan possess will change their routine existence.

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Comments 4

    1. Daankraak 30 July 2018 20:18 Reply
      Great movie, the indestructable Logan now shows weaknesses because of age... I thought he could not die at all, never the less it is a wicked movie !
      MARVEL rocks big time !!!!
    2. Daankraak 26 July 2018 22:02 Reply
      Like all Marvel movies, I Love it !
    3. emilia15 16 February 2018 21:21 Reply
      The movie is filled with gore and violence, but it does not feel forced at all in such an obscure movie. There is a rather new trend in Comic Book Movies after DEADPOOL, make them as brutal as possible.
    4. rob.trentson 9 February 2018 16:26 Reply
      My favorite movie of 2017 and one of the best superhero films. A modern Western with claws instead of guns. Combining the grittier aspects of Logan's in his final days and introducing Laura, the film delivers and gives proper sendoff to one of the most enduring superhero in film